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アマミオーディオ スピーカー

A lifestyle of acoustic sounds/

With the advance of much digital sound audio equipment, we can now listen to and enjoy music in different wavelengths.
But have you wondered if the speaker systems that deliver these sounds have changed over the last 30 years? The designer Hiro happened upon something intriguing while reading through a magazine.
In the articles and photos about interior design, no speakers were visible.
Speaker designers must have forgotten that speakers form an integral part of our home interior.
AmamiAudio is here to deliver and will continue to deliver the best of sounds that support daily lives along with support items and services.





Cylindrical Closed Speakers/

These are designed to be adapted to the needs of different shops and establishments as well as homes.
The speakers are designed with high performance Wavecor Full range unit and wafers installed on both ends. The frontal area is decorated with shells to match seasons and decorate your homes and is easily replaceable depending on the season. Sturdy wood only available from the rich domestic wood have been used for the design of the woodwork on this speaker. This enhances and stabilizes the low sound quality of this splendid speaker. The decorated parts are made of luminous shells and pinctada maxima only available from the beautiful seas surrounding the island of Amami.




The shell size is the same as the dimensions of an A4 type sheet and can be produced using a regular printer.


(密閉型2ウェイスピーカー)AMS401 Side&Rear 側面&背面 Shellバリエーション例
Model number /型番 AMS401
Type/形式Closed 2way speaker / 密閉型2ウェイ2スピーカー
Speakes/スピーカー7cm Subwoofer ×1、7cm Full Range×1
Power / 最大出力10W
lmpedance / インピーダンス
Resonance frequenc /
Sensitivity / 出力音圧レベル83dB
Size / 外形寸法160(W)×395(H)×160(D)mm (Not included handle, Closed head cover /
Weight / 重量重量 2.5kg(1本)
Accessories / 付属品Shell x2, Magnet x4 / シェル 2枚(大島紬)、シェル固定用マグネット 4個
Price / 予定価格JPY128,000 (Pair/2本一組)


The shell size is the same as the dimensions of an A3 type sheet and can be originally produced on regular printers with that capacity.

※AMS301isproduced on order.

* Because the photographs above were taken during the development of the products, there may be a slight difference in details of the decorations in the actual product.
Please refer to the size and dimensions in our web shop.




Sphere Speakers/球体スピーカー

 The voice of customer who tried AMS401 gave me good feedback to design AMS901.
“I need smaller one”
“We like to set up by hanging this product from the ceiling.”
“If it designed gentle design, I want to put this pair of speaker on the bedside”
I struggled to make this compact speaker. Because the bass sound is proportional to the volume of itself. After I spent one year for trial and, I could release this sophisticated products. We also have special tuning version :AMS901S.



AMS901 AMS901Sイメージ AMS901 AMS901Sイメージ AMS901 AMS901Sイメージ AMS901 AMS901Sイメージ


Model number /型番 AMS901
Type/形式Closed 2way speaker / 密閉型2wayスピーカー
Speakes/スピーカー50mm Full Range×1 : Scan-Speak Discovery 5F8422T01
100mm Passive Radiator x1:Peerless 830878
Power / 最大出力10W
lmpedance / インピーダンス
Resonance frequenc /
Sensitivity / 出力音圧レベル82dB
Size / 外形寸法200(W)×165(H)×200(D)mm (Not included handle, Closed head cover /
Weight / 重量1.5㎏(1本)
WoodMaterial / 筐体材Sakura / 桜
Price / 価格JPY 98,000 (Pair/2本一組)


With the keywords of “good sounds with simple and compact amplifiers, AmamiAudio will, by the end of 2012 incorporate its speakers with originally designed compatible amplifiers to bring out the best of sounds for your listening enjoyment.




Contents Service/コンテンツサービス

We offer two services for download of our valued customers.
1)Selected shell illustrations by a Japanese renowned photographer and illustrator for easy download. These can be directly attached to your speakers to reflect the seasons and suit your mood. It can further be used for stores and these designs can be a premium service for customers.

2)Assorted binaural recorded natural sounds perfect for listening with the use of earphones; these natural sounds are equally suitable for your living rooms and as background music for your business environments.



Contents Service/コンテンツサービスイメージ

Other Item/その他アイテム

We offer other items that form the very essence of everyday life in sounds.
-a mug of hot coffee in hand, while listening to Bosanova rhythm
-the gentle rhythm of island folklore songs and a glass of Beer to while away the time


Other Item/その他アイテムイメージ


* Because the photographs above were taken during the development of the products, there may be a slight difference in details of the decorations in the actual product.